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Incentives at a Glance - Available Under BOI Law
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Incentives at a Glance - Available under "Normal Laws"
Planning Permission : A Guide to the Developer
BOI Incentives -Imported Definitions & Clarifications  
Reserved and Regulated Areas for Foreign Investment
Environmental Norms
Procedures for Project Approval & Implementation
General Guidelines for Factory Buildings
Summery of Key Operational Procedures & Responsibilities    
Additional Information for Investors
Overview of the Tax System
Industrial Factor Costs
BOI Law and Regulations
Country Profile
Source : (BOI) Board of Investment Sri Lanka.

The BOI is structured to function as a central facilitation point for investors. It operates as an autonomous statutory body that is directly responsible to the President of Sri Lanka. Click here...

Among other Asian countries shows that our list of restricted activities is relatively small. The government is committed to reducing this list further to broaden opportunities for foreign investors.
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The Government's industrialisation strategy calls for the expansion, diversification and upgrading of its industrial base, as well as promotion of foreign investment in virtually all sectors of the economy.
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When you sign an agreement with BOI, the incentives granted and commitments made to an eligible company... remain valid for the life of the enterprise.
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